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Guided by our Mission and Principles, we use our expertise to execute and close wind power plant related transactions that benefit all of our stakeholders. Our wind power project development expertise enables us to manage nearly all aspects of the development cycle, from market and site identification, permitting, and power sales, to electrical interconnection, equipment purchasing and project financing.

This graphic illustrates the specific development tasks Renawell performs:

We typically own the projects while we develop them. In paralel with financing process, we start negotiations with our existing equity partners and we sell the majority shareholding of the project company to our equity partner. The amount we sell depends on several factors, including financing conditions, tax structuring, and access to necessary capital. This has been the model how we created our wind based assets.

As we grow, we may retain a higher percentage of project ownership interest.








Wind Turbine






Our continued success depends on the clarity of our vision and our commitment to our strategy.

Renawell's corporate strategy is composed of four distinct strands. These four elements unify our broad capabilities, providing a structure that guides our decision-making.

By staying focused, we have remained resilient in changing times and partnered energy projects that utilise our strengths. Renawell’s technical and financial expertise is best employed on projects where we can re-engineer processes and schemes to create value for our investments.

By pushing boundaries and concentrating on emerging markets we have been able to extend our service offerings to adjacent the market, leveraging the existing skills we have, to work in new sectors.

By leveraging our integrated business model, we have made best use of our potential. As a company with wide-ranging development and investment capabilities and expertise from other business strands – something very few companies can have.

And by continuing to invest in our people, we ensure that our people, at all levels, are encouraged to maximise their potential and contribute to our future success as a business.

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